Apart from expanding your presence on the world’s second-largest search engine, video streaming on YouTube Live brings you several other benefits having a positive impact on your business.The more people trust you, the higher your chances are to convert them into customers. But trust doesn’t come easy. You’ve got to work hard to earn it. This is exactly where YouTube Live can make your life much easier.Live stream videos are great for attracting the public attention to your brand and products as they tend to captivate the audience due to the feeling of immediacy and immersion they provide. Broadcasting events live, for instance, gives your customers a chance to attend them virtually, from the comfort of their home.Live videos can be packed with useful information. Product reviews, news, announcements, Q&As, tutorials, etc. – all of these can be made in the form of live videos which are more engaging for viewers than many other types of content and take less time to create. For example, rather than writing a text guide on how to use a product, it is much faster and easier to stream a video where you show everything in practice.