The educational system in India has witnessed a great transformation since the advent of the internet as a tool within the grasp of students. Students find themselves better equipped when it comes to researching information and also connecting themselves with students from all over the world, with the help of internet. Educational events broadcasting is a comparatively newer tool that is having a profound effect on education today. Today a wider number of benefits can be achieved by educational broadcasting like lectures can be recorded for students to view it later again. Also, those students who are not able to attend the class for some reason or other can see these lectures with the help of events broadcasting.

Live Broadcasting in academic institutions has possibilities that stretch the imagination.

In the classroom: Lectures can be recorded and then be made available to students for viewinglater.

On the stage: Plays, concerts, guest speakers, dance performances, talent shows, etc., all could be broadcasted live. This is so important for parents and relatives who simply cannot attend a given performance in person but who would love to be able to view it live online.

On the playing field: Football, basketball, track events, cheerleading, marching bands and anything else your school does can be webcast. Working fathers and mothers can view events they might ordinarily miss.

Graduations: The time-honored tradition of the graduation ceremony is at once preserved and enhanced through the use of the webcast. Graduations invariably represent an important milestone in the life of the graduate. Typically colleges accept students from all over the country, and this prevents many relatives from attending graduation ceremony because the distance isa lot.

Webcasting provides a beautiful solution to all these issues and represents a way for all proud family members and friends to enjoy this milestone event.

Live Broadcasting India can produce live video streams of your school’s next graduation and broadcast it on your website. This enables all relatives and friends of the graduate to view the commencement ceremonies live from anywhere in the world.

Another benefit is the ability to archive the entire webcast so that the ceremony could be preserved on our storage platform for “on-demand” viewing at a later time.

A good example might be the production of a high school play. Live Broadcasting India could webcast performances. This would allow parents, grandparents, friends, and relatives who are simply unable to attend the performance to see it live online! Later the performance could be viewed on an “on-demand” basis from archival storage. Children will never again have to be disappointed because someone missed the big show!

Of course, this is just one example of the many applications that schools could enjoy. The possibilities are endless – graduations, sporting events, lectures, concerts and student productions of any kind.

School cable channel: The local school cable channel has become an important source of information for both parents and students. To a certain extent, it has replaced teacher announcements that were traditionally hand-delivered by students (papers which were known to get lost on the way home or perhaps just buried in the pile on the kitchen table). School cable channels provide an excellent way for schools to alert parents and students to school activities, remind families of important dates and to offer school presentations of all kinds.
Now broadcasts from your local school cable channels can be captured and broadcast on the Web. This means you don’t have to be in your home neighborhood to view programs on the local channel. If you want to see a school council meeting or view a high school football game you can do this online from anywhere in the world. Parents who are traveling can stay in touch with local school developments and for students who are more oriented to the PC than the TV, this is a better way to get information.

These school cable channel broadcasts are now being converted to webcasts and viewed online. Additionally, broadcasts on school channels can be archived and requested for viewing “on-demand”. And Live Broadcasting India provides the bandwidth and server space required to accomplish this in a remarkably reliable and very cost-effective way.

School archived media: Live Broadcasting India is providing webcasting to an increasing number of schools. Plays, concerts, graduations, and countless other events are all being streamed live. This provides parents, friends, and relatives the opportunity to view student productions of all sorts live on the Web. People tend to place enormous value on “seeing it live”. But how about wanting to see a webcast event a second time? And how about preserving special events for a longer period? For schools, the ability to archive and rebroadcast can be of tremendous use and Live Broadcasting India provides a wonderful method for achieving this. Archives of class lectures, sporting events, special presentations, and endless other activities can be stored on our server and replayed on demand. Live Broadcasting India offers a tremendous archival space that preserves and protects Webcasts for future viewing. And webcasts can be requested and viewed “on-demand” for multiple numbers of time.

A climate-controlled state of the art storage management backup system that utilizes multiple layers of redundancy protects all data and images so that there is never a fear of data being lost. Media is streamed on high-speed servers that guarantee reliable and superior performance. And Live Broadcasting India can provide storage space in increments that will perfectly match the requirements of your institution.